up2e!’s Acoustically Activated Advanced Oxidation Process (AAA-OP – triple AOP) optimises the efficiency and performance of ozonation by increased dissolution rates and generation of hydroxyl radicals. This way our AAA-OP technology assures lower ozone amounts along with reduced retention times resulting in an economically favourable and cost effective operation for our clients.

Key Benefits

Sustainable – reduced carbon and water footprint

The up2e! process is a turbo charged advanced oxidation process, thus it uses less of everything. After treatment, materials are benign and non-hazardous

Efficient and safe

Our acoustically activated AOP process operates at ambient pressure and temperature. It is a fully monitored and controlled process, thus concerns related to operating conditions are eliminated. Both, environment and onsite personnel are fully protected.

Compact, modular and mobile

Our systems are self-contained, can be adapted to customer demands, wastewater parameters and flow. Due to its design, our AAA-OP Systems have a small footprint, can be designed as frame mounted, fixed or mobile units and as a result are easy to implement.

Low cost - quick payback

With up2e! CAPEX and OPEX are highly advantageous, compared to other treatment approaches. The system operates at unrivalled efficiency with low energy requirements and minimal maintenance efforts.

Tailor made

Available in various sizes. Individually engineered for clients’ needs. Manufactured, assembled and tested in Germany.


The AAA-OP process has been designed as a modular construction kit. The components can easily be combined in different settings, simply as to match different needs in regards to specific applications and flow rates.



Roturi® is a highly efficient inline gas mass transfer device with high flexibility in flow and gas amounts.


Our series of sonotrodes (from HF50 up to HF1000) are designed for the transfer of high frequency acoustics, specially adapted for the combination with our Roturi®.

The modularity allows for skid mounted as well as fully containerised modules.

A typical municipal set-up as a final polishing stage for micro pollutant treatment or disinfection most likely would be skid mounted. The design even comprises built-in process redundancy. This eliminates the need of a full-scale back-up system!

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