Thermal hydrolysis

Thermal Hydrolysis optimises digester performance and improves biosolids handling resulting in significant operational cost savings. THP allows treatment plants to become more energy independent by increasing biogas production, while also reducing disposal costs.

Key Benefits

Reduce biosolid disposal cost

By increasing the volatiles solids reduction (VSR) and improving the dewaterability of digested sludge, the biosolids disposal quantity can be reduced by more than 30%.

Increase biogas yield

Thermal hydrolysis accelerates the conversion of organic matter to biogas. With WAS (waste activated sludge) the biogas production doubles with thermal hydrolysis.

Improve digester capacity

By reducing the required biological retention time (BRT) and the viscosity of the digested sludge, a higher dry solids (DS) load in the digester is possible.


LYSOTHERM® helped the treatment plant of Amersfoort in the Netherlands achieve 100% energy self sufficiency

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