Innovative sewage sludge utilisation with phosphorous recovery


  • Design, build, start-up & commissioning of the sludge drying and carbonisation plant, including dewatering unit
  • Sludge drying is based on the ELODRY® concept for low-temperature sludge drying
  • PYREG® 500 unit for the carbonization process
  • Implementing the two technologies in the WWTP with optimal heat efficiency
  • Waste air treatment for dryer and carbonisation unit

Technical Data

  • Upgrade size: 30,000 PE
  • Amount of sewage sludge: Approx. 18,000 m³/a (3-4 % DS)
  • Approx. 2,800 t/a dewatered digested sludge

System & Technologies

  • New Ishigaki screw press for the dewatering of the digested sewage sludge
  • ELODRY® low-temperature belt dryer with extremely low demand for thermal energy, including air treatment
  • Tailor-made heat recovery and utilisation concept - Excess heat of the PYREG® process is used for ELODRY® drying process
  • PYREG®-plant for the decentralised recycling of sewage sludge and production of a phosphorous-containing carbonisate, including air treatment
  • Screw conveyors for dewatered sludge feed to the dryer
  • Screw conveyors for dry sludge to the PYREG® unit
  • Screw conveyors for dry sludge to the PYREG® unit

Special Features

  • With the combination of a low-temperature belt dryer by ELIQUO STULZ GmbH and a carbonisation plant by PYREG GmbH, volumes of sewage sludge are reduced by around 90 % and, at the same time, the sewage sludge is converted fully into a high-quality fertiliser raw material with a high proportion of plant-available phosphorous. The combination is a complete phosphorous recovery solution for wastewater treatment plants.

General Data

Zweckverband Abwasserbeseitigung Linz-Unkel

Completion: March 2016

Contract value
Contract Value: 1.4 million Euro

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