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Norwegian water and environmental group ENWA joins the SKion Water family

Sandefjord (NO) / Bad Homburg (GER), 19.04.2023. SKion Water today acquired Norwegian water and environmental group ENWA AS. The owners of ENWA, Sverre Hanssen and his family, in close cooperation with the management of ENWA, successfully concluded a thorough succession planning process with the explicit objective to find a new long term shareholder to successfully guide the company on its further path. We are extremely happy to announce that ENWA, as of today, joins SKion Water. “The new owner matches perfectly with our business culture and values. I´m confident handing over my lifework to SKion Water”, says Sverre Hanssen.

SKion Water is owned by German entrepreneur Susanne Klatten, who is passionate about water and strives to make a positive impact on society and the environment by making long-term investments in companies dealing with our scarce and valuable resource: Water. Launched more than a decade ago, today SKion Water unites a global group of water technology companies with more than 4,500 employees and 1 billion EUR in turnover which provide reliable and efficient water and wastewater treatment and technology solutions to municipalities, industrial and commercial water users.

Flemming Wessman, CEO of ENWA, explains: “By joining this strong group of companies, we gain the unique opportunity to further strengthen all our divisions, by SKion Water having specialists with a dedicated focus on Municipal Water and Wastewater Treatment (ELIQUO), Industrial Water Technology (EnviroWater) and Pool Water Treatment Technology (EnviroProcess)”.

The Norwegian and the Nordic water market are facing an enormous task in expanding and modifying both water- and wastewater treatment facilities. “By joining forces and combining our experience and know-how, we truly believe that we can deliver even more value for our customers, offering an even broader range of technologies, resources and production capacity.” adds Gauke Reitsma, CEO of ELIQUO.

Per Martin, CEO of EnviroWater Nordic and Dr. Jörg Krause, CEO of its parent company EnviroWater Group, underline this perfect match. “Welcoming the ENWA team in our Group brings much added value, strengthens the companies even more in these turbulent times and opens up new opportunities for employees to further develop and grow. We want to be the employer of choice in the Nordic water technology market”.

Dr. Reinhard Hübner, CEO of SKion Water joins in welcoming the ENWA team. “I am very happy that this great team of experienced water professionals is joining our group and grateful for the trust which Sverre Hanssen and the owners of ENWA have in us. Together we will be even stronger and ensure availability of clean water for all citizens, sustainable use of scarce water resources and protection of waterbodies from pollution, through the delivery of the solutions, services and treatment plants we build.”

About ENWA

The ENWA Group delivers energy-efficient and environmentally friendly water treatment systems and are one of Scandinavia's leading companies of products and services in this sector. ENWA was established in 1996 by Sverre Hanssen and since then, has grown to become one of Scandinavia's leading companies in their key markets, which are water, sewage, district heating and pool water technology. The group has about 260 skilled employees in Norway, Sweden, Germany and United Kingdom.

About SKion Water

SKion Water GmbH – through its operational subsidiaries Ovivo, EnviroWater, ELIQUO, Paques, Enpure, Ecopreneur, ADASA, inCTRL and Matten – is a technology and solution provider, as well as a plant manufacturer, in both municipal and industrial water and wastewater technology. SKion Water also invests in innovative water technology companies if the respective technology is a fit with the existing portfolio. SKion Water is a subsidiary of SKion GmbH, the investment company of German entrepreneur Mrs. Susanne Klatten.


ELIQUO bundles the activities of SKion Water in the field of municipal water, wastewater and sludge treatment in Europe and has more than 500 employees and over 30 years of experience with EPC Contracting. ELIQUO’s products and services cover THP, vacuum degassing of digested sludge, sludge drying, the 3rd & 4th treatment step, energy efficiency projects and nutrient recovery solutions to reduce the carbon footprint of water utilities and protect our most valuable resource: water.

About EnviroWater Group

EnviroWater Group, a strong network of companies with considerable competence, supply the best holistic portfolio of services for industrial, commercial and medical water use and treatment in Europe, as well as in the pool and spa segment in the Nordics. The members of the EnviroWater Group treat water to make it reusable again. They are actively researching even better solutions for sustainable water treatment. They plan, construct and operate resource saving and energy efficient treatment systems. For plant operation, the members of the EnviroWater Group offer a wide range of services, operation management, contracting and water treatment chemicals.

About EnviroProcess

EnviroProcess with approximately 150 dedicated team members and with over fifty years of experience is one of the leading supplier and entrepreneur building public pool facilities in the Nordics. In the past 15 years we also supply the Industry and W&W business with knowledge-based technology for water treatment. EnviroProcess is represented by its own companies in Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark.

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