Carbonisate from sewage sludge mineralization plant officially approved as a soil conditioner in the Czech Republic

Phosphorus from sewage sludge makes plants grow

This year, the carbonate from the sewage sludge drying and mineralization plant at the Trutnov sewage treatment plant has been officially approved by the Central Agricultural Monitoring and Testing Institute as a soil conditioner and raw material fertilizer.

The value of Phosphorus – as a pollutant eliminator and as a fertilizer

The advantages of decentralized sewage sludge utilization through drying and mineralization are obvious. All organic pollutants are eliminated. At the same time, more than 80% of the phosphorus contained in the sludge is recovered and is directly available to plants. The recyclate obtained is therefore suitable for decentralized recycling as a soil conditioner or raw material fertilizer with simultaneous CO2 sequestration.

First plant for sustainable sewage sludge utilization in the Czech Republic operates for more than 1 year

The first plant of this type for sustainable sewage sludge utilization in the Czech Republic was built in 2020 at the Trutnov sewage treatment plant. It essentially consists of the energy-efficient low-temperature dryer ELODRY® from ELIQUO and a downstream PYREG mineralization system PX500.

Approval of carbonisate in the Czech Republic as a fertilizer points the way for Europe

The official certification and approval of carbonisate from sewage sludge as a soil improver in the Czech Republic sets an important milestone in the acceptance of recyclates from pyrolysis plants on the European market.



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