The Ozone solution for the removal of Micropollutants. Our new ozone transfer system for the elimination of micropollutants, such as pharmaceuticals, from wastewater, lowers the ozone consumption and reduces the required reaction time to almost zero. The heart of ELOZONIQ is the gas transfer system, the Roturi®. The Roturi distributes ozone finely and evenly to the aqeous soluion. This creates a large reaction surface for gas exchange.

ELOZONIQ Roturi – gas transfer of efficient Ozonation to avoid emerging conatiminants


Small Footprint

Due to the highly efficient ozone transfer, the contact time for the elimination of trace substances and micropollutants is very short, between 3-5 minutes. This reduces the tank size for ozonation using ELOZONIQ by a factor of 3-6 compared to conventional ozonation. In addition, there is no minimum height for the tank.

Compact and flexible - ELOZONIQ Roturi ozonation micropollutant removal
Low construction costs and short construction times

Due to the compact design, the construction time for an ELOZONIQ plant is short and the construction costs are low as large and expensive concrete basins as a reaction volume for the ozone with the pollutants are not required. All system components can be pre-assembled on frames in the factory, which reduces assembly time on site to a minimum.

ELOZONIQ - compact ozonation for the degradation of micropollutants with Roturi
Modular and mobile

Due to its compact and modular design, the ELOZONIQ system offers a new concept for the fourth treatment step using ozone. It is possible to install the ELOZONIQ system as a freestanding unit or in a container, making it available to rent as a mobile system.

Additionally, this makes it an ideal supplement to existing activated carbon systems for micropollutant removal.


The efficiency of the gas transfer and thus the degradation of micropollutants is almost independent of the flow. In contrast to other gas transfer systems such as Venturis, no minimum throughput of water or ozone is required for efficient ozone input. This makes ELOZONIQ flexible in terms of flow capacity.

Efficient and safe

The ELOZONIQ process is operated at ambient pressure and temperature. It is a fully monitored and automated process. Due to the efficient ozone transfer, a lower use of ozone is sufficient to achieve very good degradation efficiencies.

Ozonation for micropollutant removal for testing

Do you wish to discover what advantages you can achieve with ELOZONIQ in your wastewater treatment plant?

With our demo system, you can test the ozonation on your site with our technology. We would be happy to advise you and look forward to hearing from you.

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ELIQUO is the official partner of up2e! for the application of ELOZONIQ in the municipal sector.