ELODRY® is our low temperature sewage sludge belt dryer, which is highly energy-efficient and completely safe. ELIQUO manufactures the dryer Germany from quality stainless steel with a small footprint and modular design.

Unique Benefits


We achieve a high degree of operational safety due to low dust formation and an ex-zone-free design. ELODRY® is equipped with advanced safety features such as temperature and particle sensors and a built-in sprinkler system.

Energy efficiency

The efficient energy recovery design, which uses the waste heat of extracted air to preheat the fresh air, allows the dryer to operate with a specific heat demand of as low as approximately 750 kWhth/ton of evaporated water. The specific electrical energy demand is < 50 kWhel/ton.

Enhancing energy autonomy in combination with PYREG

ELODRY® and PYREG® are complementary technologies. The waste heat from the PYREG® reactor produces enough heat to meet more than 50 % of ELODRY®’s energy requirements, resulting in operational savings and a lower carbon footprint.

Installations and Testimonials

See how it works

  1. The dewatered sludge is directly fed into the ELODRY® dryer, usually without the need for intermediate storage.
  2. The sludge is distributed evenly onto the dryer`s upper belt by a distribution screw or extruding system, depending on the requirements and sludge conditions.
  3. The upper belt moves the sludge forward from the head of the dryer to the back of the dryer where it moves to the lower belt.
  4. From the lower belt, the sludge is returned to the discharge screw conveyor.
  5. The sludge is discharged via the rotary valve (5).
  6. The drying of the sludge is performed using hot air, which is supplied by circulating air fans and heated to the desired temperature by the heat exchangers (7). The fresh air supplied to the dryer is pre-heated by means of heat recovery from the exhaust air (8) and then added to the circulation flow.

Dry material measurement allows for automatic adjustment of the drying process to fluctuating DM contents in the sludge supply and ensures a uniform drying result.

The dryer is operated in a slight vacuum to prevent fugitive emissions. The exhaust air is fed into the exhaust air treatment.

ELODRY® sizes

ELODRY® is scalable



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